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Get info about your URL before clicking on it

"Preview URLs" is a tool to get information about your URL before clicking on it and visiting the destination. You can use it to get a webpage's title and description to decide whether it is appropriate and safe to visit, preview shortening URLs, find out where a URL redirects, detect affiliate links.

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Title: Kelly: Piccolo s, oldest of Caniglia restaurant dynasty, set to close on New Year s Eve Michael Kelly omaha.com

Summarize: The 81 year old fixture on 20th Street south of downtown, with the iconic lighted sign showing a marching flute player, is coming to an end. Customers kept saying, ‘Hang in there,’

Tags: restaurant, columnists, caniglia, article, dynasty, piccolo, oldest, omaha, kelly, html, set, com

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Country: United States

State/Region: IA

Town/City: Davenport

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